Saturday, June 23


What a cause for celebration!

I am once again humbled by the incredible sacrifices these people have made for this country. We are all eagerly awaiting their release.


Anonymous said...

Every body knows the condition of our leaders in kaliti. What ever is signed, we know what they are thinking.

Now, let us talk about our main concern: the stolen election.

Anonymous said...

What a day to celebrate......

Please inform us the release and lets celebrate for real...

God Bless Alll the sacrify they made

God bless Ethiopa

Anonymous said...


God Bless our leaders. Their sacrifice is invaluable. If not the whole world, Ethiopia is very lucky to have such a world reknown Humanintarian figures at this very critical time who stood for truth. Their unwavering stand left them in the hands of inhumane TPLF. Cross your finger we all will celebrate with them, toghether.

God Bless You! You are our true friend.