Friday, June 29

Of Lies and Other Things...

Yesterday in Parliament the PM gave a pretty dry speech (apparently the objectives of this government are "peace, development, and good governance"--who knew!), addressing the 'very real threat' of an Eritrean invasion. Right.

Everyone expected him to discuss the negotiations (which explains why so many people were actually watching ETV at city cafes), which was finally kindly raised by an EPRDF official (nothing like damage control!) . Check the EZ post here.

It seems that Meles is now trying to pretend that the negotiations were the sole initiative of the Shemagles--a tradition that he tried to go along with, as any 'proper Ethiopian'would--but of course, he reminded us yesterday, no actual binding negotiations can take place (political or traditional) which would interfere with the Almighty Independence Of The Court. (Am I allowed to say bullshit on this thing?) Anyway, that's all it is, and I suppose we should have expected nothing more from him.

And there was more, as reported by AP: seems Meles is getting a little hostile with the international community, and now weilds the moral authority to condemn their appeals as both "shameful and wrong". According to the dillusional dictator,
"In Ethiopia there is nothing that can be resolved as a result of external pressure,"
. Hmmmm. HR2003 is set for mark-up a couple of days after the next scheduled court session. What a perfect time to demonstrate the magnanimity of the EPRDF, by sentencing them and then pardoning them "just in time". But no pressure, of course.

(Forgive the sarcastic tone of this post, I have long lost patience with the transparent antics of the government.)


Anonymous said...

Meles is like that. He had two tones (one is what he speakes in Amharic, arrogantly; the other is for international community, what they want to hear, gently with an American accent). Americans are still in love with his accent otherwise the arrogancy is clear already. He told to parilemt that he wont leave Somalia, his last card for America. He said he will invade Eritrea. I dont know what the US will say. May be one more card since his cousin Esayas is more arrogant to the US.

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize for the sarcasm. Ethiopia's politics under this regime is a comedy of horror. All we hear is lies double talk and more lies. It shows the desperation for power at any cost. Greed seems to be reigning the world allowing characters such as Meles and his type to survive when its more than obvious they are scums of the earth.

They too shall pass, the sad thing is the loss of life and the scares they leave. I hope that we all learn from what we are experiencing so that the same would never be repeated.

Melese has played his last card and he will soon reap what he sowed
the web that he has been weaving is entraping him and like all despots his time is coming to an end. All his action and reaction is of a man trapped, I personally am looking for the day of his demise and see it happening very soon, God works in miraculous ways, I just hope and pray that we are ready to amend all that is wrong and move forward to heal each other and work for a better Ethiopia.

Lewit/Mengedengia, thank you for your calm analysis and being one of the voices that has dared to expose injustices.

Anonymous said...

That was hillarious. But of course, you are allowed to say "bullshit" and a few more expletives, if you cared.

I like sarcasms, so no offense here. Regarding your comment how our dictator is getting disillusioal about his place in world political hirarchy, I was reminded of the fable about the Frog and the Bull.

The latest harper's incredible story about washington lobby shops is a must read. Ethiomedia posted Democracy now's interview with the writer of the article, Ken Silverstein. But I recommend to everyone to read the article itself, inorder to gain a glimplse in to the world of greed and panderings of lobbyists, and their image make over dealings with reviled dictators like Meles. For millions of tax payers dollars, of course

Anonymous said...

It is time for you to go and stop spreading your lies. Take care ferenj!

Anonymous said...

Melese is hurting 77 Mil. people with his speach. He will have even less friends now.

What did you expect from this baby killer crime minister of the world?

You can't bleave woyane as far as they are alive.

Now it is more than enough. Every ethiopian must do what is possible. Are we not a man like the Irakis.

Two things will happen in a neer future:
1) USA will leave Irak
2) Melese will be eradicated and ehiopia will be free.

Anonymous said...

Melese is also hurting the tigrians for the next hundred years.
Ethiopian will never forget what this clan are doing.

At the last min. melese will use an airplane but what about the others?

Think woyane supportes. There is no time left. Melese played his last Joker and the game is almost over.

Push!Push! Melese is almost down!

Peace and love for ethiopia.
Melenium without melese.

Anonymous said...

there is too much pressure on him. even TPLF dissidents are organizing and other groups like Tigray for Unity and Democracy Party (TUDP) are emerging to unite ethiopia