Tuesday, June 26

HR2003 Postponed

I can't believe that they have decided to postpone bill HR 2003!

According to sources, as soon as the remaining prisoners signed the negotiation statement, mediator Professor Ephrimim immediately went to the US (I am told he will return next weekend), insisting that the bill be postponed in order to ensure the release of the prisoners.

This is truly amazing--Meles is holding his own people hostage while negotiating with the world's superpower. Even more remarkable--the US seems to be
actually negotiating with these tyrants (as if the prisoners themselves were American citizens)!

It makes no sense, and makes me wonder if the govn't had no intention of releasing the prisoners at all, intending to use the agreement as insurance in the face of future condemnation.

**I just received word that tommorrow's court session will be closed to the public and they will be meeting in chambers instead. Something very unsettling is going on here.
(I will post again when I get more information.)


Anonymous said...

disturbing indeed and I wonder what Melese is upto. He wants to get something out of this. May be he never have intention in releasing them or he want to kill any resolution that will challenge him. He wants to get maximum profit that can include hostage negotioation.
America is behind this. America had made several mistakes in Ethiopia , they might repeat it.

Anonymous said...

Lewit, You will see more drama as the play goes on, the plot get twisted the actors change, usually same theme and the end is full of suspense. I remember the drama with Tamrat years ago and it just wouldn't stop. May be shemles kemal will next to go to jail. Unfortunely no one will be around to fight for his release.

Anonymous said...

I am not Wondimu but I want every one to heed his call below!!

Selam everyone!

Don't you feel humiliated? Don't you feel angry? Don't feel like doing something that would change the course of our struggle here after? What are we waiting for?

It looks like our leaders in jail are held hostage against HR2003. I see EEDN talks about Kinijit - Dr Taye - KIL - gini-janka! Friends! Woyyane is gaining grounds on us. Those leaders were duped into believing Woyyane, yet another round, and once more we are told that they are tricked into signing their own death warrant! What can we do! Any idea. Don't respond here. If you have not done it yet, please read:


For heaven's sake, brothers and sisters! Would you stop everything else and focus on what we can do? How long Woyyane is going to play games with us? This is a time we should do something worth doing! Let us break away from the usual thing and come up with something decisive.

As EEDN is infested by Woyyane dogs, may be some people should take this matter off-line, with the blessing of the post-master and the Board, and come up with an original idea - to be acted on everywhere at the same time!

Letter writing is out of option.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Dear Mengedegna,

Ethiopia is lucky enough to have a very good friend, like you. God Bless you. Thanks for your update and for your unwavering stand.

Be safe.

Anonymous said...

shut up Mengedegna. this is all propoganda. HR 2003 will never pass. Are u some grandchild of some colonialist European who is hell bent on seeing the demise of Ethiopia. People like you should be expelled. Fag