Tuesday, June 12

Crackdown Continues

The crackdown continues today in Addis with more arrests.

It seems a little early for the 'preemptive crackdown tactics'
used during the Christmas holidays--sentencing is almost a month
away, and (to my dismay) it seems there were no signs of protest
in the city today.


Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right. Woyane can't arrest 70million people that is just a usual dirty trick.

Most people didn't hear this terrible news, yet. Some still boyocoting the woyane media..

Be safe, you are all in prison.

Anonymous said...

The Ethiopian people are hit hard with the economy and have finished the energy for struggle.

Anonymous said...

The silence is the calm BEFORE the storm! Remember what happend when people demonstrated peacefully against the rigged elections in 2005?

Ethiopians have learned their lesson, so the next step, unfortunately, will not be as peaceful as people hoped for. However, a decision has been made by some courages security service officals in Addis and Meles days in power are, literally, numbered!

Anonymous said...

Your posts used to be a little more involved and passionate. Ever since the bizarre comment by dagmawi,another blogger, about one of your postings, your blogs are brief and withdrawn.

I regret the uncalled for and totally vicious comment by dagmawi. I am not completely sure what he was trying to prove by that comment, but one thing is obvious, he doesn't like competition.

I hope you will continue to write in the old ways that were uniquely yours.

Anonymous said...

What is the strategy of the opossition? Nothing I guess. From the begnning they were trusting the people will save them. People tried but looks failed. Another demonsteration is unlikely and will be again crushed by the guns. So what is the plan? War? Will it help? It will cause more distruction than bring democracy? What was the vision of the jailed leaders? Wait Until a good day like Mandela comes after 27 years. They were out witted by the devil and the devil advocates.