Thursday, June 28


I still haven't been able to confirm whether Meles was in DC yesterday or not, though I have heard from numerous sources that Professor Ephrim is there.

Either way, the PM is still scheduled to appear here in Parliament later this morning. No one seems to know what the session will be about exactly--some here are speculating that it would be the perfect time to release the prisoners 'quietly' (as all the foreign correspondents will be inside without their mible phones), but this seems just another rumor.

(More later)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing for the people of Ethiopia, you are a voice for the voiceless. I hope this will the day, no matter what, the prisoners will be our hero heroins. God bless them with all they need and you.

Haaq said...

Thanks Lewit

One day the truth will prevail.

ethio-zagol reported Meles siad prisoners will be sentenced.

The serial liar whose rule is by brite force , bribery , deceit , torture , extermination, has managed once again to cheat US congress by requesting the postponment of the mark up of HR2003 , only to turn aroud and say , "there is no negotiation with cud leaders"

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lewit,

I have found yet another blog so wonderful this lady Seblework Tadesse,