Wednesday, June 27

No Court Session

It is two hours before the court session was to begin. I just found out that the prisoners will not be appearing before the judges; instead, those who wished to defend are required to submit documents to the court's record office.
This is just my opinion, but things seem to be unravelling pretty fast for the EPRDF. First the finnd the prisoners guilty of charges so severe they carry a penalty of death, all the while continuing 'secret'political negotaitions. Despite the fact that the final agreement has already been reported by the international press, a court session was announced nonetheless to maintain semblance of an independent court. Suddenly, the night before they are to appear, the govnment decides to try their luck and blackmail the US State Department!! Fascinating!

Seems our dictator has become a bit dillusional and is losing sight of his rank in the global political heirarchy. Hopefully he is in for a rude awakening (I still have some faith in the United States--though they have agreed to postpone the bill for two weeks, Donald Payne has not taken kindly to these blatant bullying tactics.)
At least all of this chaos is finally revealing to the world what we knew all along: he is deceitful tyrant, willing to continually sacrifice his own people for personal gain.


Anonymous said...

"Hopefully he is in for a rude awakening". Everybody wishes so. He crossed the line telling what to do the US congress. His final trap and I guess he cannot bully elected US officer. He can bully Yamamoto , not Payne.

Anonymous said...

the strange keep of getting stranger. i have heard meles was in DC as well and hoped they will be out today. I was hopeing he was to defect as Mengistu and let the leaders out to take over the country.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mengedenga
" Likhin Eweqi!" a proverbial saying for man like meles who are affected by Delusion of Grandiose.
Individuals with grandiose delusional disorder have an inflated sense of self-worth. Their delusions center on their own importance, such as believing that they have done or created something of extreme value or have a "special mission."
so now he feels that the congress can be complacent to his order.
"Aye Liqun yemayawuq!!!"
Look the the interview seyoum mesfin gave to Walta disinformation center on June 23.
"Ethiopia has been transformed into leading regional and international power."
this is nothing but Delusion of Highest degree.
"Gud sayisema; Meskerem Ayteba" tebale
thanks mengedenga again

Anonymous said...

Dear Lewit

World politics as it stand today I have no faith in any semblence of integrity seems to becoming obselete. With individuals such as
GW Bush, Cheney and Rice the US has lost its innocence and sense of justice worse than it did in the 80's with all the atrocities it allowed and helped committe in Latin America. I am sorry I have lost my faith in the US doing the right thing. My only hope is that
justice will prevail because the people of Ethiopia will demand it, and it is time that we stop hoping that our destiny is in the hands of outside powers.

Ethiopians have to contened the two split groups in TPLF/EPRDF the one supporting Meles and the other supporting Sebhate. It is time to step aside from our emotion and stop reacting and start acting - but first and foremost we have to turn to our Father and go into our center to find that which we must do for the country for each other and for humanity. Melese and his cohorts are evil and the only way to fight evil is being centered. They will blow into the wind but the chaos mayhem that will be created in the process is what I fear, so our strength will be is understanding what we need to do in tne mean time - we need to be careful not to be drawn into their battel and be clear about our vision of Ethiopia. Let us all pray that God will be on our side and his light and love will protect our Leaders since they are holding the truth. Truth Peace Love and Justice will prevail we are in the depth of darkness just before the dawn. Ethiopia and its people will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lewit,

Thanks you very much. The people of Ethiopia needs you, you are the best. The truth will free Ethiopia and its people from the Devil's hand no matter what they are orchestrating.

Thanks a lot, Mengedegna.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch, Mengedegna!

Anonymous said...

"...willing to sacrifice his own people..."

But we are not his people. Of course he is not ours, either. He has a narrow definition of citizenship. His people are the highland pesant farmers from Adowa and Hamasen.

The rest is...,

Anonymous said...

My dear,

Though I do not write, it does not mean I do not read...

You are doing an amazing job, Ferenj.


Addis Ferengi

Anonymous said...

Is the above note from our beloved Addis Ferenji? We know you would always be following all the news on Ethiopia. We miss you a lot and we are grateful that you have through your dedication to human rights in Ethiopia have sent us a wonderful Ferenj replacement called Mengedegna. Like you, he is also emotional about what is happening in Ethiopia and keeps us up to date with what is happening in our country. Keep well and you are always engraved in our hearts and we will meet in Ethiopia, hopefully soon.
Tizibt, your former correspondent.