Sunday, June 24

With No Room Left to Wiggle

It seems to me that Meles is in a bit of a bind. News of the negotiation agreement has already been widely publicized around the world (albeit with a sympathetic slant from the US State Department) and all eyes are on Ethiopia.

He managed to cancel a meeting with the Western ambassadors late last week after receiving word that they were planning to issue a strong collective statement condemning the verdict, but beyond that, I am not sure how much room he has left to wiggle…

This country is making the news.

Supporters around the world are staging demonstrations and lobbying their heads of state and members of Parliament incessantly. The frequently divided members of Kinijit International seem to be finally co-operating. Here, the ambassadors are ready, and even the foreign correspondents seem interested.
The rest of us are eagerly anticipating the day and hour of their release.

Should the Prime Minister decide to change his mind, the public backlash would be immense.

(And so we wait…)


Anonymous said...

If Melese continue with conviction his fate will be like General Ibrahim Babangida. After convicting and executing Ken Saro-Wiwa, the international outrage was immense. Had it not been foe US support, Melese was gone. I wonder why US thinks only Melese is the one fighting terrorism. CUD leaders will deal more effectively by using arule of law than a rule of the Jungle to fight terrorists.

z tawek said...

You know, for a ferenji who has injected onself into the politics of Ethiopia, you are useless as an analyst of current affairs. For starters, pressure from Western countries and the Diaspora was much more intense immediately after the arrest of the CUD leaders. If the intense pressure did not work then, it certainly wouldn't work now. Case in point, IMF and World-bank have gone back to doing business as usual with the government.

This government, despite all its shortcomings, is pragmatic and wants to do what is right for the country. The fact that it is obvious the CUD leaders in jail have been abandoned and forgotten by their Diaspora peers (except for the occasional lip service) makes it ideal time to show goodwill and start the political healing in earnest

Anonymous said...

Lewit, what planet are you on? certainly not on earth...

Anonymous said...

you are doing a good job, forget about the previous comments from desperate EPRDFs.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:22,
I am neither desperate nor EPRDF. Truth be told, I wish Lewit was correct. Unfortunately, here on earth, Lewit's analysis is dead wrong, thus my question, what planet is Lewit on?

Lewit: if you are still near earth's orbit, beam me up! Would love to be on the planet where "all eyes are on Ethiopia and the country is making news...."

Anonymous said...

The question is TPLFites do you read the news????????????

Earth to woyane's the Europeans who
usually fill your begging bowls are
telling your master they will be
coming after him and his thugs.

If you can't read Englih take ESL
classes at your local community college.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, be nice. what is all this about ESL and not reading the news? If you agree with Lewit's analysis, that's ok with me. I just happen not to agree with his/her take on the current events. we can talk about why Lewit is wrong or you can call me names, whatever works for you is fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mengedegna for your untiring support for truth and justice. As you can see the TPLF supporter z tawek would like us believe that it was Meles' kind heartedness and pity for the CUD leaders that he wanted to show goodwill when they were abandoned by their supports! Have you ever heard such bunk? Is z tawek telling us that Meles created this whole debacle in order to show his magnanimity? I better not say any more in order not to offend Meles' sensitive feelings too!

Anonymous said...

the tide will continue to turn - sorry above anon with negative energy - if you follow anything but your masters order, you would know the meaning of Lewit's analysis or make a point

Anonymous said...

Mengedegna, thank you very much for your great analysis and all the support.

A very paralyzed, a dead person breaths only with a life support machine. If the machine is unplugged the person is dead and gone. The regime is just like that. Meles and his supporters knows it. Why the Ambassadors didn't issue their statement condemining the verdict? They will and they should unplug this life support sooner or later. If they do the whole word knows the regime is gone long ago. Without this plug it doesn't survive a single day.

Thanks Lewit.

Anonymous said...

EPRDF is really out of air, they don't know how to treat CUD leaders any more.The pressure is too hot to handle.One day they tell us they comiitted genocide and treason, the next day they tell us that CUD's crime is a mere political one therefore they are negotiating with them