Wednesday, May 2

Trial Update: May 2, 2007

After a two hour delay in the sweltering courtroom (during which the defendants were thankfully allowed to mingle and converse), the judge announced the somewhat unexpectedly lenient rulings.

1. The defendants’ requests to obtain personal property seized by police was rejected.

2. The request for copies of the verdict (currently being transcribed), testimonies of all witnesses for the prosecution, and relevant audio/video evidence was granted. (The prosecution was ordered to prepare and provide the above within 5 days.)

The prison administration was ordered to set up the requisite facilities and show two cassettes per day to the defendants (which would be divided into groups for the viewing).

3. The defendants would be granted half a day to meet and discuss their defense, following the review of all cassettes/videos.

4. Daniel and Netsanet were given permission to access their personal computers and print the required documents under supervision.

It was then ordered that all other requests must be submitted through the office of the judge.

Court was adjourned until June 1, 2007


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mengedegna! Looks like the poor nazi is cornered and looking for a way out....hmmmm.

tiru said...

If kinijit were able to intensify the struggle, I think CUD leaders would have been stick on their first position. You know to defend themselves in the way TPLF paved seems as expecting fair and squire trial in the wombs’ of Meles regime .Actually, now; they have no any choice other than elongating their final decision date. But one thing should be done. As they know very well, justice is unimaginable in the hands of Meles. Therefore they must use the defending forum to expose the scandals of TPLF.