Wednesday, May 2

Ethiopia Tops CPJ’s Dishonor Roll

CPJ has issued a special report just in time for tomorrow’s celebrations. It comes as no surprise that Ethiopia tops the list of countries in which press freedom has most greatly deteriorated over the past year.

What does continue to surprise, however, is the government’s opinion that the credibility of such reports can be tarnished by a simple ‘official’ denial of evidence. I mean, certainly they must know that international press organizations are not subject to the same censorship pressures as our persecuted national reporters...

So, I wonder what brilliant rebuttal they will come up with in their press statement today? Will it be the same boring old report condemnation, or perhaps they will even find a way to hold Eritrea accountable for this one too…? Come on, boys—I think it’s time for a little more creativity, don’t you think? After all, they must be paying you for something…

(Oh, and for the record—I don’t take kindly to being silenced. My days of sporadic blogging have come to an end and I will be back in full force. Bring it on!)

1 comment:

Abe said...

I know, I know...

"utter fabrication!"

"baseless accusation!"

uh uh "colonial..." oh that might not work,

"baseless fabrication" didn't we use that one before?

can we do a little rearranging here?

base-less accu-sation?:) that might fly, looks creative!

Good luck zemedkun!Just doing my bit for revolutionary democracy.