Monday, May 14

"Because I said so”: Ethiopia demands UN action against Eritrea

Hostages, terrorists, student protests…and then?
A resounding silence.

After last month’s dramatic exit, things seem eerily calm now. I had expected a flurry of press releases, public statements--even a possible escalation in protest action--but so far there has been only silence (the latter, I suspect, due largely to the armed federal forces now stationed indefinitely on campus).

The kidnappers were neatly proclaimed to be agents of the Eritrean government by the appropriate ministers, and the ONLF terrorists, we were told, were similarly aligned. The end. (This apparently should suffice, no further information or evidence required…..And certainly no mention made of the 100 Ethiopian soldiers that died unreported along with the 74 civilians that day, or the numerous ONLF members that have since been hunted down and killed by Ethiopian forces).

Though the lack of public accountability honestly comes as no surprise, I find it darkly amusing that the EPRDF also tried this same approach with the UN Security Council during Thursday’s Parliament session, demanding immediate action against the Eritrean government for these “recent terrorist acts in Ethiopia”.

Now, I understand all too well that Meles runs the show in this country and withholds, regulates and fabricates public information at will, but it is astounding to me that the EPRDF seems to actually expect actors on the world stage to play by their rules as well—and meekly accept the exaggerated charges intended to justify Meles’ latest craving for war. Amazing!


Anonymous said...

You don't know what you are talking about. So shut up!

Anonymous said...

Selam Mengedegna,

What do you expect from dim wit thugs? They think the ferenjis will buy their lies forever.

They are getting desperate since the Europeans are now cuddling Isayas, Aweys , Sharif while Jendayi has been so terribly embarrassed she is keeping her big mouth shut.

Time to cry wolf one more time!!!

Anonymous said...

Mengedegna, I see Meles' bullies are upset with your statement. They think that their 'lord and master' will always have the upper hand, as long as he has the support of the US Administration. Where's Jendayi now as Ethiopia's armed activities are being investigated for crimes against humanity? Wasn't she the one who was supporting her friend, Meles' involvement? Since Meles declared a state of emergency on May 16, 2005 and placed the armed forces and police under his direct command, he would be held accountable for the crimes if the atrocities are proved to have been committed.

Anonymous said...

Amazing is right. there is always time for everything and does not look like this can last long. Give him enought rope to hang himself. Almost everyday since sometime in April or so before the election has been embarrassing - sure enought will be enough

Anonymous said...


Thanks. However, I must mention that there is hardly anything new or unique about Ato Meles' modus operandi.

ALL the Habasha despots (Amhara and their cousins, the Tigrayan) that have ruled- rather misruled Ethiopia for mellenia- have all been a bunch of conniving, blood-thirsty thugs noted for nothing that was remotely productive. They earn a living by instigating such an adious behaviour!

That is: The fate of Ethiopia won't change if Ato Zenawi abdicated power tomorrow. He who will replace him, is guaranteed to improve (sic) on his already attrocious standards.

The calibre of the Ethiopian leaders tends to get progressively worse.

Besides, who said that what Zenawi is doing is BAD for his own people of Tigray? Isn't he feeding them [Tigrayns] while starving the rest of Ethiopia; saving them while masscaring others; giving them peace while wagging war on others; educating his own while torturing the young and the brave of the others??

Haaaay Habesha. Kentu lifaat now ittee!



Anonymous said...

Well, those trying to replace Zenawi are no better. They had their chances for a Century before him, the majority had zilch!
These Amhara Chauvinists who want to take back the helm are no better if not worse.

It is a tough call for the masses of Ethiopia. SHOWEL AND THE REST OF THESE CUDists were encourgaing the illitrate masses to buy machetis to finish off Zenawi and his tribesmen. Well, don't blame Zenawi for the fiasco.

I'm afraid this Nation will suffer even more as time goes by. I wish there was a better way out. But hell no to those( buddies of yours) drunkard Amhara Chauvinists to take back the power. It will be disaster for the sailent majority!