Monday, April 2

Postponed for Another Day

The trial is now postponed until tommorrow, April 3.

I wonder what exactly has got our poor judge feeling so under the weather?
Perhaps an attack of conscience late in the game?
(If only....)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mengedena, any idea on the contnent of the briefing at all? Thanks for the updates

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? A wild animal
has more conscience than these
frifari lekames.

brhane said...


tegadali said...


yes you are right those who challenge the ppl's empire will die in messery they will not allowed to get away with their attempt but this time we will let them die one by one slowlly and naturally while in prison if they don't die naturally well we have to do it i woneder what those neftege think while in prison they might dream the ppl of addis to save them or the europian union the PM said fernigem abesham ayadenachum bye bye hadgi(amhara) kul

Anonymous said...

THAT IS IT TPLF my beloved party keep these dedeb amhar gussing till they die don't to get away with chalanging the empire of tigrayans go cry in your pal talk that is what you can do ha ha ha ha hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa god bless the golden race.

2:53 AM

brehane said...

once again the golden race prove it self it is though for any hadgi(ahya)amharas to chalenge it where the fernge who promis to save you wher is the habesh ye menilik zer who promis to rise up where is ye pal talk fukeraw .................notting as THE PM SAY NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU DEDEB AMHARA YOU CROSS THE RED LINE FINISHED YOU WILL DIE ONE BY ONE NATURALLY IN PRISON IF POSSIBEL IF NOT WELL WE HAVE TO DO IT LIKE YOUR GOD FATHER ASRAT WELDE FUCKER BYE BYE HADGI KULU

Anonymous said...

The shabeas why u pretend as EPRDF, is it part of ur shiiting on ur pants when the hero EPRDF soldiers are preparing to distroy u and the terrorists that u hide.

Anonymous said...

my brothe who you calling shabia ther also be a time to slap shabiya but no rush to it becouse it will die it slef in starvation like the amharas before him but for now it is show time for hadgis gebitoooooooooo

moya R W said...

Mengedegna , thank you .

It is regretable that the ethnocentric minortiy goons are spitting their poison of hate on your site frequenlty these days. they have no vision , no ideas , no consent of the people. they dwell on hate , vengeance and terror. We bemoan the ethnic cultists!

Tribalism is a product of irrationalism,enormously anti-intellectual evil ,whose distiction is endless bloody warfare.
permanent warfare is the hallmark of tribal existence. tribalism with its rules, dogmas,traditions and stagnant thinking and mental development is utterly destructive organisation. War against other "luckier" tribes in the hope of looking some hoard is their chronic means of survival.the inculcation of ethnic hatred for the other tribes is a necessary tool of tribal rule who needs scapegoats to blame for the misery of their own subjects.
There is no surer way to infect mankind with hatred-blind, virulent hatred, than by splitting it in to ethnic groups or tribes. It is the most primitive, crude form of collective thinking ,denying man to be judged by his own character, moral and actions but by the character of his ancestors. a lot can be said how tribalism is idiotic and a cult, anti progress, savage and backward making its followers just like the rest of the animals where there is no merit or self identity.
WE must completely break from our past inorder the get out the gigantic mess Meles and co put us in. pursuing and fighting for individula liberty will solve all problems; if there are institutions to uphold it.
You , Ethnic cultists , we will not follow your low , embecil rhetoric of hate mongering.

May God deliver Ethiopia and its people from Ethnic cultists

Anonymous said...

Dear readers,

We should not forget for a moment that we are destined to live together in an old historical land called Ethiopia. We can not do anything about it. Yes we have differences in ethnicity, religion, political affiliation etc etc. We need a little bit civility in our approach to
solve our differences. "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools" Rev. Martin Luter King

Let the Almighty God show as the right way to live together as brothers and sisters, AMEN!!!

Anonymous said...

We have lived together through
ages until the tribal banda beasts
came around.

We can all live together except the
evil woyanes.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with what Moya r w said above. The Tigrayans have always been ethnocentric. They have not been able to see beyond their own ethnic group. They have the mental handicap of the dark ages. There is a slight typo in Moya r w's comment above which I assume meant: "War agains other "luckier" tribes in the hope of looting some hoard is their chronic means of survival...". As one can see by the level of their backwardness above, they are calling the Amhara hadgi a name which is soley reserved for them by the Eritreans.
In a recent Development Asistance Group meeting in Addis, it is reported that Mr. Steve Smith, Democracy and Governance Chief of USAID "then went on advising participants that as EPRDF MPs are illiterate and do not know about the functions of civil society, they should give them trainings about that...". Of course for him it is difficult to make the difference between the fine line of TPLF and EPRDF. My point in this comment is that the Tigrayan commentators above do not even write proper English. They should only try to write in Tigriniya.

Anonymous said...

As an ethiopian who lives in addis, i could not believe the hate rethoric being spewed by the stupid woyanes on the site. Know that your own tigrean people are BEGGING the amharas, gurages and other ethnic groups to save them from these people who claim to represent them. it is not our leaders who will die in jail, but your people who will die of starvation and oppression.
ethiopians (non tigreans) never hated tigreans before, they hated woyane. People like you and your despotic leaders and the hate language that you are ignorant enough to use are going to be the reason why YOU ALL WILL DIE, NOT OUR LEADERS IN JAIL. God is with them, not with you and your hate filled clan.

Understand that your people are the ones crawling around the streets in addis, thrown out of their barren country, which will never be able to fed one of you, let alone 6 million of you. Tell me what woyane has done for the miskeen dehe and lemagn tegre, not the privileged cadres such as as you

Anonymous said...

"the golden race"????? by what definition and qualification? because your leaders are murders - by that logic, hitlers germans were a golden race too...

and by the way, "hadgi" is the term we know that your eritrean masters (who you sold the country to and whose boots you lick till today (remember the withdrawal from asmara)..this terms is what they use to belittle you, not anyone else. So please do not apply your disgusting name - which you deserve - to amharas or others.Isayas disrespects you, not us. It was amharas, oromos, gurages and others that sacrified their lives for the stupid argument that you and your eritrean family had...the only reason you and woyane continue to exist is because of the ethiopian people's pride in their country and defense of it. I am sure if meles and your people had their way, they would have sold ethiopia by now (to the highest bidder - which to them could mean 5 cents)

Finally, the way that you show your cheapness and lack of honor is to use obscentities against a proud ethiopian who was MURDERED by meles and co.

But its okay, just like he killed the professor, he hopes your OWN people will die in prison too (siye etc) or just kill them outright (kinfe). Your time will come.

Anonymous said...

Wey america ashker...

suppported by their arms and money because you do not have the support or love of the ethiopian people.

Love the fighting talk...eski get rid of american arms and support and lets see who is the braver ethiopian and greater lover of their country. As you have always shown, it will not be you...don't forget when woyane entered addis, it was with the financial and armed support of america and england and the HELP OF THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE. stop acting like you are such brave warriors, you are thieves, murderers, ILLITERATES and country haters.

Sitting comfortably in your armchair abroad, you can afford to write all this. I warn you never to come back to ethiopia where the real struggle is going on daily.

Sebastian said...

Why do you post racist comments, insulting the great and proud Amhara people? ANTE ANBETA (KUNTI) LEKAMI DEDEB KIMALAM TIGRE.ANTE YETALIAN KIT ATABI. Aren't you the ones who used to beg in the streets of Addis? AGAME. Don't you know that this is all the work of God? When the time comes you will also be defeated and die and rot like a dead mouse.