Tuesday, April 24

Africa’s New Chain of Command

The purpose of the new US military Africa command is to:
secure access to the continent’s precious natural resources.
b) enhance strategic global counter-terrorism initiatives (and better orchestrate their furthest-flung proxy wars).
c) counter the uncomfortably significant presence of the Chinese.
d) to exploit the lax human rights conditions of African countries in order to achieve all of said goals.

Apparently none of the above, according to US Defense Department deputy undersecretary for policy Ryan Henry.

Following the completion of the recent week-long US delegation to Africa (which included visits by representatives of the Defense and State departments to South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia), the Americans have officially announced their plans to establish a new continental military command. In addition to both the Pacific and Central Command (which currently directs involvement in the Horn of Africa), AFRICOM will officially focus on ‘coordinating the continent’s activities’, and in particular the ‘investment efforts’of the Pentagon, from an undiclosed location.

According to officials, “(AFRICOM) operations are aimed at building partnerships and stengthening the ability of African governments and militaries to do their jobs”.

Um…“their” jobs being their own? Or the bidding of the American Secretary of Defense/State? Pardon the confusion, but the regional geopolitical significance of late lends even a simple statement such as this an unfortunately ironic tone.


Anonymous said...

Simply put Empire building. Blowback is taking place and this Empire will not be able to sustain itself. Yes world suffering will continue due to greed but not for long. We have to overcome fear and fight this evil force of distruction and greed. In the North, East and the South.

Anonymous said...

America is the land where the beast of apocalypse will rise (reveleation 13).so the presidents are paving the way for the the beast to come and reign.all the world people have to resist this system.
Death to America.

Anonymous said...

A couple of hundred years ago westerners came to Africa under the banner of medernizing Africa and exploited its nature and human resources. Now it is history.
USA is panning another form of exploitation with different name. Tackling terrorism, democracy for Africa, and facilitating Africa's development are all pretexts.
USA has been supporting in all meanses dictators and tyrants as far as they are obidient servants of America's interest. The Zenaw's regim is a good example. He by no means could be democratic and development allies to USA. But the USA govenment is supporting this tyrant and opperasive regim.
We all should stand against such intervention by US in Africa.

Anonymous said...

My Condolences to the Families of Victims of the Massacere in Ogaden as well as the senseless fights that are being instigated by Afewerki and Meles, whose devilish goal and aim is the destruction of Ethiopia .. And make no mistake the two people are coordinating their efforts, just as in the past...
1. During the Mengistu era, ALL so called ‘TRIBAL/ETHNIC LIBERATION FRONTS & Organizations’, including the ONLF and TPLF, were founded by Eritreans, I mean Afewerki ...
2. The present War in Somalia is being instigated and maintained by both Afewerki and Meles.
3. If Meles and Afewerki have their way the ONLF will end up fighting with the Somalis for Ogaden. Their prediction is that the ONLF will be weakened if its resources are being dispersed in fighting the tplf in the north and tfg/somalis from the southwest.
4. WESTERNERS ALWAYS SUPPORT(ed) THE DESTRUCTION OF ETHIOPIA SINCE ITS HISTORY ALWAYS SYMBOLIZE(d) THE PRIDE OF AFRICA AND THE BLACK PEOPLE...Make no mistake about this.. if you take a look at CIA's preference on who should take power in Ethiopia after the tplf, it's the ONLF. And that is just by the nature of its ethnics politics and its stand on supporting armed struggle... meaning it can buy more Armaments... more business.
4. What we need to teach westerners , by engaging in peaceful struggles for the Freedom of Ethiopia, is that we are tired of their destructive commodities such as arms. We should let them remember, ‘What goes around will come around and those who support the destruction of Ethiopia by supporting meles and the likes, including afewerki, need to pick up their Bibles and read what's written about Ethiopia…IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. PERIOD!
5. Those of us who support the CUD and OUR Leaders in Prison should continue fighting (without ceasing) the unelected regime in Ethiopia through economic (such as No Taxation without Representation)and other peaceful means..

Truth Shall Always Prevail..
Read: Psalms 36 &37; Habakkuk 1-4

May God Bless Ethiopia and Ethiopian Lovers!