Monday, April 9

Update: Courtroom Chaos Brings Both Triumph and Despair.

(sorry for the delay.)

Following the ruling to release the 25, chaos broke out in the courtroom. As the judges were preparing to leave, Bertukan asked Judge Adil if the remaining defendants would be permitted to meet in order to discuss their defense. At first he said that it was a matter for the Addis Ababa Prison Commission to decide, but then concluded that he couldn’t allow them to gather, as they were facing conspiracy charges. Dr.Berhanu stood up and angrily demanded that if they were to be denied opportunity to discuss their collective defence, sentences should be delivered immediately. The judge shouted back, and others lept to their feet with similar requests. Bertukan repeatedly tried to make herself heard to no avail, and finally got up and walked out of the courtroom, to the stupified confusion of the guards. After failing to restore order, Adil was livid and attempted to walk out, but was prevented by the other two judges

The trial is scheduled to resume on April 30th.


Anonymous said...

Selam mengedegna,
I am eagerly waiting to read about the courtroom chaos....
I cann't sleep without checking you blog(and seminawork) daily(sometimes 100 times a day!!). We know in what situations you guys are!!! We pray for the safety of you guys!!We(Ethiopians)are proud of you!! One day....
Thank you!!! Thank you with great respect!!
columbus ,Ohio

Anonymous said...

Hello Mengdegna,

We have been awaiting your later report with great anticipation. Hope all is well!

Please keep us informed we would like your take on the circus, we are hoping for a full anaylsis of what took place...

All the Best
From Texas

Anonymous said...

i am waiting as wel.
what happened to you? every minute i pray for Ez and mengedenga to be safe from the eyes of the regiem.

Anonymous said...

the waiting is unbearable. Please tell us what happened

Anonymous said...

Thanks to God you are safe!
Meles is the one who is playing the game from behind. Adil is just a symbol.
Take care mengedegna!!

Anonymous said...

It is a pity about the gevornment's decision. Ohh God have mercy upon us and help those who are imprisoned. Thank you mengedegnaw, be blessed