Friday, March 23

Trial Update

It was a beautiful morning and we all arrived early in order to get a seat, as it was rumored that they would only be allowing a limited number of people inside the courtroom today.

There was an unusual feeling of excitement in the air, and even the most skeptical among us dared hope that today was THE day. All the regulars were there—the ferenj (journalists , observers, and diplomats) crowding the front rows, the immediate family members behind to the left, and additional relatives, friends and supporters left to fill in the gaps.

As usual, we had time to kill. After the greetings, speculations and words of encouragement were exchanged, casual conversation began to wane and the defendants had still not appeared.
Finally, shortly after 10 o’clock, they were brought in and everyone sprang to their feet, waving and smiling (now skilled in the art of communicating without words.) The prisoners looked well and flashed us triumphant thumbs-up as they filed in. They appeared overjoyed to see one another again, and we silently interpreted this scene as the appropriate prelude to their immediate release.

After about 15 minutes everyone was settled in their seats and the judges filed in.
Leul. Momhammed…When it was clear that Judge Adil would not be present (a fact that was neither acknowledged nor recorded), all hope instantly evaporated.

The session was over less than 5 minutes later.

The trial would once again be adjourned, due to the “complexity of the case”, we were told. At first, the date of May 9th was given, which was almost immediately corrected to April 9th. By way of excuse, the judge assured us that they had first intended to resume proceedings on March 30th, but couldn’t because it was a holiday. Then he hesitated again, and consulted the other, amidst disproving murmers from the crowd. After a few moments of confusion, he again corrected himself and announced that the trial would definitely resume the following Friday (the 30th). He announced that on this date the court would make their final ruling and then repeated that this would be the “last one”.
(It is amazing, really. He must have spoken less than 5 sentences--which he had over two weeks to prepare--and he still managed to get it wrong not once, but twice!)

There were sighs and tears from family members, and frustration was evident on the faces of all in attendance.

And then it was over.


Anonymous said...

This is really pathetic.
Thanks Mengedegna

Nasib said...

the woyanne ruling minorty tribalists in their quest to cling to power at any cost , ironically helped by the USA - who masquarading as a universal ally for democracy and justice and in a strangley effective political hypnosis- cultivationg tyranny as long as tyrants are an ally in the "Bush`s war on terrorism". The USA should have known such cultivation of tyranny will ,in the long ran lead to resentment and rebellion.

The cruel truth is that, these people should not have been in nazi like dungeons as they have not committed any crime what so ever . now tyrants keep as busy talking about the sham trial as if there is a functioning judiciary.

Be that as it may , I thank you mengedegn for being the voice of reason and justice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much mengedegna. It is amazing. I wonder how long?

Anonymous said...

How long shall we wait and see Gobez? Ere embi bel abesha ere tew..

Anonymous said...

Thanks my brother is one of the defendent. Thanks for the description. I felt like I was there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.God bless you.