Monday, March 5


The trial has been adjourned yet again until March 23, 2007.

Today’s session was incredibly brief. All requested documents have been compiled and translated; the judges apparently now require another 10 days to decide whether to allow the defendants a chance to present a defense or release them.

And so the countdown begins…


Anonymous said...

May be ,this is a sign of negotiation b/n the two parties.
Zoro zoro mefetatachew aykerim!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please, let's not fool ourselves once again. Meles has no reason for letting them go out of prison anytime soon. He is faking negotiation for the sake of the Western powers. If he lets them go, it means there is no turning back from the path of democracy. That means, Meles needs to be ready to give up power after the next election. He is not ready for that. However, it would be for his benefit to negotiate honestly, because the day will come ... .

Anonymous said...

I believe Meles has placed himself in a very tight corner with regards to the Elected leaders of the people who are on trail.

I do not believe Meles is politically savy or mature enough and that why he is in this awkward situation.

I hope against hope that the leaders be released.........but EPRDF is one of the worst terrorist organisation in the world .