Monday, March 26


After the disappointment of Friday’s session, I chastised myself for getting my hopes up. But today I have decided otherwise.

Instead, I choose to hope even more ferverently that they will be released at the end of this week. In the days to come., I will envision the happy reunions and city-wide celebrations, and will dwell on the thought that the agony of our friends and heros will soon be over.

I will choose to hope, simply because I can.
Even the EPRDF cannot take that away.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

I will and I can too! Thanks

Mihret said...

God bless!

Anonymous said...

እንደ ተመኘኸዉም ይፈፀማል


Anonymous said...

From as far back as anyone can care to remember, Ethiopian politics has always been bloody and dangerous. Too much blood has been spilled over this graceful and beautiful land. History keeps on mercilessly repeating itself on this ancient corner of the earth, Ethiopia. We, her children, have been so far unable to stop this vicious cycle. The current leaders, over 3 decades since their movement began to change Ethiopia, have squandered their hard won victory and golden opportunity to transform Ethiopian. Almost 2 decades in power, more political prisoners are in detention under EPRDF than during the brutal derg regime. EPRDF atrocities currently are at a magnitude that is unparallel any where in Africa. The vast majority of the population is drenched in bitterness which is engulfing the nation’s essence; and over come by resentment which is eating the nation’s purpose. We ask the questions: How can we come out of such a devastating poverty? Why do we beg for food for 15 million people every year while, according to numerous studies, the land can healthily feed upto a population of 200 million? How on God’s earth a leader of a poor country goes to wars so unprovoked and unnecessarily? Does a sane leader humiliate his own people from the word ‘go’ and non-stop? Will the true elected leaders be set free? Will there be an end in sight to Ethiopia’s misery? I genuinely hope so. Hope, above anything else, is what sustains us today to see a better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

let the almighty God fullfil your blessed hope and hope of millions of Ethiopians. "We belong to each other" Mother Teresa.

Anonymous said...

"The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." -- Stephen Biko

Let us not allow them to play with our emotions. The truth is with the "Prisoners of Consiousness" we are the energy that sustains them, so our Hope and our Will to see them released will bear fruit if we have faith that all will be well
and we demand it of the Universe knowing that it will happen.

I to will take 2min each hour of the day and affirm and visualize the release of All of them walking among the people of Addis free at last, with people singing in the streets.

Jack Ayalew ,North London said...

'HUL GIZE BEGETA DES YIBELACHUH'-Reading that verse of the Bible ,as orchestrated on that small boat ,having the sunset behind and the horizon hovering on the lake with all its glory(in Lake Awassa probably) made me feel so good.

Then, I thought, democracy, freedom and peace would one day prevail in Ethiopia.