Monday, July 2


Meles is mobilizing the army "in case of an Eritrean invasion"--I hate to say it, but the propaganda around here sounds similar to the stuff that ushered us into the Somalian invasion. Yikes.

The next court session is still scheduled for a week from today.

There is also supposed to be another session three days later, in which the prosecuter will appeal the charges that were dropped.


Anonymous said...

embiltaw yenefa let the war start so we will see the and of ethnict weyane and shabiaaaa del le ethiopia hezeb.

Anonymous said...

The people of Ethiopia and Eritrea do have no interest to wage another war. We did lost more than 100,000 our young people on both sides. This time if war started it will be a war against both dictators not between the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea!!

Anonymous said...

I think there is some confusion with this gevornment,,how com we are going to face another war again? the country is still in deep economic depression. Leave alone the economic growth even the majorities are unable to manage with their life subsistence. Ohh guys we have to pray for the LORD may help our country ppl for the grace to sustain their life.

God bless you mengedegna, you'r doing a great job

Anonymous said...

Meles willnot do it. Just diversion from the current internal crisis.It will be the end for both governments.