Friday, November 17

Weekly Trial Update: Part 1

Tuesday, November 14, 2006:

Early this week, prosecutors Shiemels Kemal, Michael Teklu, and Abreha Tetemke again failed to prove that widespread violence was instigated by the defendants on November 1st, 2005. Seven witnesses were presented as victims of said riots, apparently in relation to the charge of “attempting to incite genocide”.

The majority of the witnesses claimed lasting psychological damage--lamenting the alleged destruction of property and ongoing subjugation to “local stigma”; however, the connection between the complaints and this serious charge remains yet to be seen. (...Understandably, however, the psyche of witness Mebrat Tesfaye, 39 MUST be irrevocably damaged if, in fact, the stones reportedly thrown at his house by “unknown individuals” truly were intended "to disturb me to do not sleep peacefully”! )

Though witness Sergeant Getu Redaye, 34, repeatedly insisted that he observed Professor Mesfin leading the riots on November 2, 2005, by “sending messages on his mobile”, when cross-examined he was unable to even vaguely recall the clothes worn by the professor at the time or identify the type of mobile phone used for such ‘criminal activities’.

In a similar vein, two other witnesses offered their own creative medical diagnosis as further “evidence”; witness Getachew Berahne, 57, determined the “exposure” to high blood pressure and hand paralysis of his father-in-law to be the result of “psychological trauma” suffered on the evening of Nov. 1, 2005, while witness Edelu Mohammed Ade, 36, seemed to suggest that he contracted tuberculosis because his shop was allegedly burnt down by unidentified CUD supporters.


Haileab, said...

Thank you ferenj

I appereciate your concern for our unfortunate nation and people under the yoke of police and army terror , mass arrest, mass murder, mockery of justice, deceit, lie and intrigue etc..

It is comforting to have you when the whole world gave us deaf ears to our plea. Especially the USA is still helping the tyrant Meles in the name of "war on terror". This grotesque double standard of America will be left to historians and judges, if there are any!(knowing full well about mobuto, pinochet,Markos,etc..and US relations in the past)

It is my sincere hope that you will continue to expose the unimaginabe atrocity and crime by the minority rulers to the world community. The truth will win one day. keep up the good work .

Anonymous said...

It would have been a great comedy if there weren't real people paying a hefty price for it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for standing on the side of the poor Ethiopian people abandoned yet again by the Western Powers, who no longer have any moral authority to speak about freedom, democracy and human rights. They have tried to fool us all these years but we now realize that all their 'talk' was just an opportunistic yarn. Here, I am not including the peoples of these nations, as you and Addis Ferenj are proof of the goodness of the human being. As for certain members of the NGOs, they have no conscience as they are trying to keep their jobs at whatever cost.
Thanks also for the updates on the farcical trial of the CUD leaders, etc. I would appreciate it if you could continue providing us with the updates, if this does not endanger your position.
May God bless you and keep you safe.

Anonymous said...

Although the situation is serious and far from funny for the defendants I have to admit I had to laugh while reading the witnesses´ statements. They are just too ridiculous (especially the tuberculosis part of it). But I am afraid the judges will believe even the most far fetched nonsense and convict the oppositon members.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to say enough to this drama playing on the lives of precious countrymen?