Tuesday, November 28

Breaking Trial News: Prosecuter Announces Remaining Witnesses Are No Longer Required

Yesterday,Prosecuter Shiemels Kemal made the suprising announcement that he will no longer require the remaining 289 witnesses to appear in court. He has informed the judges that he will instead be calling upon 15 new witnesses to testify against the defendants.

If court proceedings continue in similar fashion, the trial is expected to come to an end very soon.


Anonymous said...

humm interesting! So where is the smoking gun the prosecutor was telling us? :), whatever the reason, I hope all will be freed soon. May be EPRDF having a second thought, they thought by arresting the CUD leaders, everything will be back to normal they way they had it before the election. Now add the Somalia factor, they need a strong and united Ethiopia. Otherwise, it will be a disaster for them.

PS: thx for your excellent report. Ethiopians around the world owes you big time.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. Shimelis is waking up from his chat induced slumber. Is the capo telling us that the Emperor Has No Clothes.