Thursday, December 13

Bereket Simon on Somalia: "Our mission so far has been successful."

In a BBC interview aired today, Bereket Simon assured the world that the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia "so far has been successful".

When presented with shocking statistics (60% of residents of Mogadishu have fled the city, 80% of the country is now considered outside of government control) and official admissions to the contrary, the chief advisor to the Prime Minister remained adamant, insisting,
"The overall situation in Somalia is improving by the day".


Anonymous said...

First of, welcome back. We have not from you for a long time. As far as the advisor to the pm ( a more appropriate title is the misadvisor) we sould not be surprised because he has been lying all his life. I will be surprised if he ever tells somwthing that resembles the truth.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mengedegna,

We really missed you. Glad you are back. We almost gave up to check your blog but today just by chance when we check it, you are back since Dec 10th. Welcome back our dear friend. We worried about your well being. The butcher can't be trusted.

The liers are lying to themselves. This is one of the devil who doesn't even know the word truth exsists.

Good you are back.
Your admirers.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Mengedegna. I was worried when you stopped informing us as we don't get much information from within the country. You have been greatly missed. As for Bereket Simon and his boss, it amazes me that the world believes what they say. I don't think telling the truth is in their culture. Bereket at least has been caught lying several times, but Meles has made it an art using his mastery of the English language. Lies are often difficult to keep up, but he seems to also have a good memory of his previous utterances and continues to build on his lies and gets away with it for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Bereket Simeon and Meles are chosen to run, not rule, Ethiopia. Those who rule Ethiopia are the ones that pick who should run things. If conditions are critical,the rulers again pick, popularize and annoit. That is why we saw chosen Ethiopians in the US congress. By the way, Meles also do not tell the truth. Remember the fiasco when he said "there is no election commision in America, the ruling party runs the election"? So much for his knowledge or his lies. Pick one!

drivenwide said...

Bereket, a father of three and now special advisor to the Prime Minister on Public Relations. Bereket has not been as visible during the recent local and by-elections as he was in the past. He made no appearance either in any of the media - with the exception of voice interviews - or at the debates held among the political parties that took part in the run-up to the latest local and by-elections.

Anonymous said...

Unnecessary war!
A war which results in enemity with Somali people!
A war to be compensated by future Ethiopian generation!
A war which does not represent Ethiopian interest at all!

A government which hid millions of starved people to international community to gain good image but squandered millions of money on useless war.

Unity First

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Anonymous said...

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