Thursday, August 9

Oppression: Here, There and Everywhere

I am extremely concerned about what is happening in the Ogeden region. Even from within the country, it is difficult to obtain concrete information, which generally means things are far worse than we know. However, it is clear the Ethiopian government is once again demonstrating their appalling preference for violence, destruction of property and aid restriction as a means of applying political pressure.

The truly terrifying thing is, while today the focus may be on the Ogeden, such reports could just as easily apply to most other regions in the country.

When I was last in Awasa, for example, I shown file after file of those in the SNNP region who had suffered similar human rights abuses over the past two years: murders (mostly students, shot in the head or from behind), horrific pictures of torture victims, houses and property ransacked, destroyed and burned, and a list of NGOs that had been shut down and their aid channels blocked, effectively causing a concentrated, federally-inflicted (and therefore unreported) famine.

Most of these victims brave enough to come forward and report these crimes to human rights organizations were unable to read or write, and confirmed their statements only with a thumbprint. Yet they are speaking out (at great personal risk) nonetheless. They are among millions of nameless victims who continue to suffer at the hands of the EPRDF regime, and are the ones to whom we must listen.

There are hundreds of thousands of us—both here and abroad—who are aware and claim to care about this all-encompassing oppression; and so, only a simple question remains:
What are we going to do about it?

(In my opinion, now is hardly the time for bitter party politics, and internal corruption and division; far too much is at stake. Instead, now is the time to focus on what unites us all—the desire to see a free and prosperous Ethiopia—and act immediately and accordingly.)

And so I ask again—What are we going to do about it?


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. We should be united. The petty BS makes Meles & Co. getting stronger. I don't understand why we Ethiopians the more we hear the dammer we get. How come we don't learn instead of repeating she said/he said. Actually we are hurting our heros, our country oviously our people more than Meles. Comeon guys lets hope for the best, stop critizing, and fight for the sake of that country whom the (Gyips) are planning to eat her. May God give us love, calmness and the support, Amen.

God bless Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

you are abslutly right!

In my opinion we have to organize first! How do we organize? easy follow our cud leaders becouse they are elected and they are the only one to be trusted.
ofcource to organize is easy for the diaspora as we are living in free country.
I dont agree with people who write as if we are realy or always divided.But,only oportunists are divided those who are determined knows what to do and are always united may be not well organized.

Now the cloud is clearing and most opportunists who use to divide and weaken our organizatins are being exposed and falling off the wagon.

When our leaders come to the deaspora the past will be past and new era will begin.

When we are organized it means we are ready to dismantle WEYANE regime by peaceful struggle.
Dont expect this time peaceful struggle means playing weyanes parlamentary game.

This time peaceful struggle means breaking weyanes oppression through disobidience,strike and so on.
If diaspora is organized and strong I think it is easy to lead and help the struggle inside the country. For example, start radio programs that can teach the people how to organize and when to disobey peacefully, help financialy to the soldgers of peace in action.

So many things can be said here but, believe me this is the time when the peaceful struggle to begin.

Be ready to be in action!

Anonymous said...

where is that picture from?