Friday, August 10

Media Field Trip to the Ogeden

Just heard that the government is organizing a trip for foreign correspondents to the Ogeden region. And thus begins their latest disinformation campaign...

I wonder who will have the courage to ask what happened to the men (since tortured and murdered by government forces) interviewed for the Times article?

(I also wonder if they will invite NY Times stringer Will Connors along? Oh wait! He was essentially EXPELLED last month for helping to expose the atrocities occuring there.
Only beneign journalists allowed, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

How come Will's expulsion wasn't reported anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the guided tour will be a privilege of pro-government media networks and foreign correspondents such as Liz Blunt of the BBC. The regime is now doing this for the umpteenth time that it can hoodwink very few people.

Anonymous said...

Well lets hope that these correspondents will face their humanity and address the issue from the point of what real is taking place. If they tolerate and accept the governments side only they will expose themselves to the world and to posterity. There is always a point that one can go no more with businnes as usual lets wait and see if these individuals have reached that point or if they have become slaves to the corporate struture.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mengedegna,

You are the ears and the eyes of Ethiopians. God Bless You for your sincere and thoughtful reports. Well said. Untill Ethiopia is free, - 'ONLY BENIJN JOURNALISTS' will do it.

We pray for our people in Ogaden and everywhere inside Ethiopia.

Stay safe, our prayers for you.

Your admirer.