Sunday, February 25

Write a Letter, Support HR5680

The re-introduction of bill HR 5680 (“The Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights Act”) under the Democrats seems like a precious second chance to me, which absolutely cannot be squandered.

The letter writing campaign—“100 000 letters in 10 days” can prove a vital and remarkably effective strategy provided we all get on board, and soon. We already know that American pressure for the release of the political prisoners is real and mounting here in Addis (as evidenced by the ongoing negotiation attempts with the prisoners), and therefore we MUST capitalize on this opportunity to ensure that it remains a priority.

Despite alliances formed during the Somlian invasion, even the President of the United States will be forced to listen if enough people speak out. This is a fact.



Sample letters, information about the bill and contact addresses are available on:


Coalition for HR 5680
Phone: 323-988-5688
Fax: 323-924-5563


Anonymous said...

I thought they had president in the US. Don't mind the typo, Bush deserves the demotion, anyways (if that takes some of his power away)

Anonymous said...

Now that you corrected the typo, I withdraw my comment above. No need to acknowledge, of course.