Wednesday, January 17

Police Violence in the Streets

Yesterday while coming home from work I passed a group of policemen standing in a semi-circle. Though they were dressed in the tan uniforms of the local police, it was obvious by their guns and boots that they were actually federal security forces.

In the middle was a man who looked to be in his late-twenties, on his knees with his arms tied behind his back. His nose was bleeding and it was obvious that he had been beaten.

There must have been at least 6 or 7 of them. Before the traffic started up again, I saw the man look around in confusion and then flop over in the dirt on his side while the policeman moved closer--to close the cirlce, and, I assume, to block such crimes from the view of passing cars. Then they started kicking him.

This is Addis now.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for informing us about what's going on in Addis. I believe in the law of Cause and Effect. They will reap what they sow and very soon.


Anonymous said...



If you ever needed any proof that the good intentions of the west in saving the "starving Ethiopians" have had unintended and far-reaching nasty side effect to the welbeing of the majority of Ethiopians; look no further than the transformation of the formerly dirt poor Tigraysns into state-makers that use all that the country has or receive in the form of aid to help their own constituency (Tigray) while making the rest of the Ethiopians even poorer than they had been.

Many of Woyane's soldiers that are now well fed brutes that torment the popuation of Addis Ababa and Ethiopia, were not only SAVED by western food aid from the 80s famine, but Woyane's (and Eritrea's) "wars for liberation" were EFFECTIVELY FINANCED by western aid (be this in the form of food rations for the "combatants and their families", and other forms of assistance.

It would be good if you looked at this rather negelected side effect of western aid to Ethiopia, or to Africa, for that matter.

Thanks for your objective reporting.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for being witness to the poors and innocents in Addis. It is a heart bleeding situation. We are being driven to the corner where there will be no choice but face our enemy hand in hand. God knows.

It is really heavy to withstand the situation anymore. America is a country controlled by bastards driven by robotic minds without sense of humanity.

Anonymous said...


Your write-ups are very informative and insightful on what is really happening in Addis and to the country as a matter of fact. I must say that since the monarchy not much as changed it is more of the same....particularly this time around things are actually worse because the country is being ruled by leaders who are arrogant, ignorant, defensive, paranoid, insecure, and much more. Responsible leaders committed to their people and country do not exhibit these personality traits. Therefore what goes around will eventually come around and they too will end their rule not much different from the others, the question is when....

Concerned ethiopian.

Anonymous said...


I'm immediately concerned for the safety of insiders who try to keep the light on for us, like yourself. (Moreso, I am disgusted about the abusive environment and lack of safety that belies all Ethio citizens at this time.)

Please consider my long-distance offer of support when the shit really hits the fan (or sooner).

My work in the Diaspora is only small (its just not big enough) but is done so to hopefully promote some change for the better among all people of Ethiopia.

You can contact me at:

best regards,