Tuesday, December 26

Mass Arrests on Christmas Day

Last night police swarmed the streets of Addis in attempt to broaden the mass arrest efforts already underway.

In addition to the thousands of youths reportedly detained over the weekend, those even remotely connected to the opposition CUD are being systematically rounded up and detained for 'questioning'--thanks to a circulating 'official list' of names and license plate numbers of alleged party supporters.

It is assumed that this action is intended as a preventative measure in light of growing internal opposition to the war following the recent air strikes in Somalia.

People are advised to remain in their homes after dark.


Anonymous said...

thank you for your report. The pictures provide a reality. Will be great if there are pictures to show the arrests and the somalia issue - how kids are being taken to fight a war they don't subscribe to or one that they have no training for.

Anonymous said...


"There have been all sorts of rumours of round-ups and so on going on – so far totally unsubstantiated. But the rumours have been enough."

That is what your fellow ferenji Andrew Havens says on his blog meskelsquare.com. What do you think?

Anonymous said...


I have no particular issue to write, but to let you know that your posts are read by many and we want you not to be discouraged by negative comments. The gov't seems to have endless resources when it comes to hiring a cadre to abuse reporters like yourself. These cadres have nothing to do but to hop from blog to blog and leave nasty, negative comments to discourage bloggers. I hope you will continue to bring us the real stories.

We appreciate your work more than you think. We print them and distribute them to those who are interested to read it.

God Bless You

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your humaniterian work.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Mengedegna is right!

Woyane used the aid that it gets not to control poverty and Aids but to hire people that will prolong its life in power by any means. One of them is to discourage individuals who speak for the people and the truth.

Ethiopians appreciate your historical reports.